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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels features Bloobers that can fly through the air the same way they swim through the water; they act the same way as they did in Super Mario Bros. The airborne Bloobers can be jumped on for points, with this difference being brought about by Mario's complete inability to stomp while swimming in early to Bloobers sharing . Oct 12,  · 3D Pinball Hentai; 3D Pool; 3D Text Adventure 2; 3D Tower; 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures; 3D Visual Novel Maker; 3DRPG; 3dSen PC; 3dSen VR; 3Gun Nation VR; 3on3 FreeStyle; A Lost Room; A Lot Like Love; A Lullaby of Colors VR; A Magical High School Girl; A Mars Adventure: Redturtle; A Mass of Dead;.